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                  Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Wanlong Chemical Co., Ltd.!

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                  Hot Keywords: Benzoyl Chloride Series、Benzyl Chloride Series、Fluoride Series、Benzaldehyde Series、

                  PRODUCTS CENTER

                  - A professional manufacturer of large-scale and technologically advanced aromatic compounds in China -

                  Benzoyl Chloride Series

                  Benzyl Chloride Series

                  Fluoride Series

                  Fluoride Series

                  Benzaldehyde Series

                  Benzaldehyde Series

                  Acid Series

                  Derivative Product Series

                  Derivative Product Series

                  Nitrile Series

                  We serve customers with strength

                  Have various professional and standardized management systems

                  Have many high-tech products

                  Repay customers' love with high-quality products

                  Brand strength

                  Large production scale and advanced technology

                  Through nearly 10 years of independent innovation and development, nearly 100 million yuan has been invested

                  Located in the national new material industrial park, with more than 300 employees

                  Possess a large-scale and technologically advanced production facility for aromatic compounds in China

                  Excellent quality

                  Passed many management system certifications and obtained various licenses

                  The company has passed ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system and OHSMS28001:2011 occupational health management system certification

                  Acceptance of clean production, safety standardization, automatic interlocking control, etc., and obtained various government production licenses

                  Talent strength

                  Taking talents as the foundation of enterprise development, laying a solid foundation for the enterprise

                  With the corporate mission of "achieve customers, enrich employees, and benefit the society", actively create a good working atmosphere, cherish human resources, and truly embody the "people-oriented" strategic policy

                  Lay a good foundation for the values of "safety, environmental protection, health, quality, development, unity, forge ahead, and create a new era"

                  Service strength

                  Providing customers with quality products and perfect services is our pursuit

                  It can provide more and better services to many domestic and foreign companies in medicine, pesticide, printing and dyeing, etc.

                  The company can customize the production and development of other benzoyl chloride series and benzyl chloride series products for customers

                  >> ABOUT US

                  Jiangsu Wanlong Chemical Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers in aromatic compounds industry and it is the biggest supplier of benzoyl chloride and benzyl chloride derivatives with annual capacity of more than 5000 metric tons in China. Our chemistries include chlorination, fluorination, cyanidation, esterification, hydrolysis, friedel-crafts, etc. Nowadays, we are focusing on the researches of pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates.

                  Wanlong Service · Your Intimate Choice

                  - Wanlong provides professional contacts and more convenient contact methods for our valued customers -

                  Domestic trade department

                  Miss Wang +86-13852940199     Miss Shi +86-13337773388

                  Tel: +86-511-86810995, 86810933  Tel: +86-511-8681 0888

                  Foreign trade department

                  Tel: +86-511-86810993      Tel: +86-511-86810993

                  Mobile: +86-13775509622     Mobile: +86-13806101991

                  Purchasing Department

                  Tel: +86-511-86810909, 86810551    Fax: +86-511-86810666

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                  NEWS CENTER

                  - Focus on Wanlong, pay attention to more industry information -

                  Completed the review of the three management syste...


                  The review of the three management systems of ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001 was completed in June 2015, laying a good foun...

                  The administrative area of the company's new offic


                  The administrative area of the company's new office building was put into operation in May 2015. ...

                  In April 2015, the company launched a clean produc...


                  In April 2015, the company launched a clean production upgrading and renovation project, and the renovation is expected ...


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                  Jiangsu Wanlong Chemical Co., Ltd.

                  Office address: Quanzhou Town, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, China

                  Production address: No. 8 Liangshan Road, Dagang New District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province

                  Post Code: 212332

                  URL: www.shuazhifu.com

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